• This is decto
  • Defend The Bass
  • Step Forward (Blood Song Remix feat. LRZ)
  • Speed
  • Rapman Dub (Touch It Remix feat. Flip Laney)
  • System Shock
  • Swell
  • Dexter Space (feat. Flip Laney)
  • Coje mi cintura (feat. LT & Onifer)
  • Vincent (feat. Flip Laney)
  • Take Me Away
  • Freeze (feat. Flip Laney)
  • The Roots

The Important Stuff

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Goodies For You

Ableton Live Packs and Device Groups

Download by clicking on the pic, enjoy!

Snares and Rim Shots (ADG)

Here is a collection of my favorite snare drums and rim shots, useful for drum’n’bass amongst other genres.

Sounds from da Fortress (ADG)

Flip Laney and decto recorded several acoustic sounds in the decto fortress. From pens hitting the table, cutlery, snaps, water going down the drain to door slams and thuds.

Mortal Kombat Drum Rack (ALP)

I guess this speaks for itself, sounds from the notorious video game “Mortal Kombat”.

Selected Videos

Santa & Claus Staying Positive

Making Of “Resurrection” | Glitch Trap Beat “Rockin’ Alive”

Beat “Dwarf” – Brutal Modulated Bass + Amped Guitar

Latest Tweets

  • After releasing our last single for this year, we didn't stop working like little bees to finally release our fisrt… https://t.co/JfbBu2QTKh3 days ago
  • When our eyes hurt from looking at screens for hours, we just pick our guitar and cajon for accoustic versions of o… https://t.co/nEdFUtGrgs5 days ago
  • Just posted a photo @ Neukölln, Berlin, Germany https://t.co/EZ0bjviU191 week ago
  • Just posted a video @ Neukölln, Berlin, Germany https://t.co/9iljbClYbC1 week ago
  • Just posted a video @ Berlin-Neukölln https://t.co/4hlCNcIsOE2 weeks ago
  • Just posted a video @ Neukölln, Berlin, Germany https://t.co/fDdFIQhheR2 weeks ago
  • Just posted a video @ Neukölln, Berlin, Germany https://t.co/KmRzsgkgcj2 weeks ago

decto – Urban Electronic Music


Born and raised in Berlin electro junkie decto survived the old neuköllner ghetto, the hipster-wave and start-up-project-wannabes. Resisting the monotone singer songwriter- and minimal electro movement, he is the last producer standing, staying true to his musical roots by merging hip hop elements with ass kicking dubstep beats, spicing it up with progressive jungle and drum’n’bass tunes. Pharrell Williams meets The Prodigy creating unexpected eargasms. This is decto.

Decto describes himself as an ‘Urban Warrior’ with a hard shell and a soft core. He enjoys producing everything from melancholic melodies to hardcore basses, calling it ‘Urban Electronic Music’. Since 1999 Decto touched several electronic tools, music gear and DAWs. From Fast Tracker and Cubase to Logic and Ableton.

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