Urban Warrior

Urban Warrior


  1. 1This is decto
  2. 2Defend The BassBuy
  3. 3System ShockBuy
  4. 4SpeedBuy
  5. 5BossmanBuy
  6. 6Party Soldiar
  7. 7Morphing The CityBuy
  8. 8Take Me Away
  9. 9The Roots
  10. 10Urban Warrior
  11. 11Step Forward
  12. 12Berlin Mule
  13. 13ADF
  14. 14No Pain No GainBuy
  15. 15Insomnia


Dectos first album “Urban Warrior” consists of modern tracks in diffenrent, mostly electronic, genres. All with a heavy urban, not just to say Hip Hop, influence. You’ll also enjoy many collaborations from all over the world on this energetic piece of art. Pharrell Williams meets The Prodigy creating unexpected eargasms. This is decto.

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